Wednesday, August 19, 2009


Mom wants to apologize to everyone for being bad about helping me post. Apparently her and FTB set the date for the wedding as January 2, 2010. She says that's really close and because it is I might not get to post as much as she'll be super busy until she gets more of her vendors squared away.

Don't worry even if I'm not writing a lot I'll get her to post cute pictures of me. So you think there'll be this much snow on the ground in Dallas in January? Yeah I didn't think so either...but we can still hope...I love snow!!


  1. Woo Hoo for January 2nd!! Be extra nice and loving to Mommy as she plans this great event!!!


  2. I just love your pink coat, it is fabulous! We can always hope for snow, especially right now with this heat we are suffering through!

  3. It's okay, this is a big project she's undertaking! ;-)

  4. hiya Princess, you look like a real cool princess........

    your mumster has a major thingey going on but do remember to help her along so she will post pics of you..... i've just met you and want to see more of you


  5. Congrats on setting a date - and wonderful picture - we love your coat

    Woodrow - Sweetie - MJ

  6. Glad your momma and FTB set a date. The moma likes that date as it is one day after my Great Grandparents wedding anniversay =) We hope your family gets to celebrate it as long as ours has!!


    PS - We'll pray for no snow =)

  7. How exciting a winter wedding!!!

    xo martine

  8. How exciting! Tell your mom to let our mom know if she needs any help. Our mom planned her entire wedding herself and knows lots of tricks.

    We hope that she will not be too forgetful about posting...we know we have been really bad about posting but our mom has a lot going on right now. Kisses
    Boxen n Bella

  9. That's great, we are not even there yet!! I think that is the hardest part, getting the place and setting the date, atleast for me!

  10. Aieee!! Princess wut is that wite stuff all over you?!?! Im skeered!!!

    Yer pal Dozer

    PS Mummy sez wow that is a reel soon wedding. How eksiting!