Monday, June 7, 2010

FFM signing off

Princess the wonder dog is now back at her grandparents. I thought I'd have to console Beckett because over the course of the past few days he's expressed the fact that he does not want her to go. Ugh. Break my heart.

Well, now it is he who is consoling me. It was so nice to have Princess in our home for such a long stay. In some ways, it felt like she had never left. P's mom knows it, but I *almost* didn't adopt Princess out after she found her way back to me for what, the 3rd time? I really struggled with the thought of letting her go. In reality, I could not ask for a better home for Princess. She has an entire extended family that would do anything for her. She certainly is not wanting for love! But still, it leaves my heart a little broken again. Damn I love that dog. I'm going to miss sneaking her up on the sofa with me to cuddle.

As Princess has been my one and only foster, my words don't carry as much weight as the countless other foster families out there. But if for one minute you thought you might be able to offer up your home and your heart to a foster dog, please do. For all the tears I have shed, I'd cry a million more if it meant that there were no more dogs dying in our shelters... especially pit bulls.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

The top 10 reasons I love my FFM house

10. We get to take nightly strolls with the little man.

9. FFM likes to jazz up our kibble with yummy stuff like Tripe, yogurt, and canned plain pumpkin

8. The ginormous water bowl in the back yard (but you already knew that).

7. Storytime with Becks every single night. Walter the Farting Dog is a personal fave.

6. The "circle of love"; i.e. the stupid human trick my FFM taught me many years ago. She squats down and holds her arms out in a circle and says "circle of love" and I put my head through her arms for some loving. Yes, she is a dork but I love her anyways.

5. Chasing toys up and down stairs keeps my shapely posterior in tip top shape.

4. Harrasing the squirrels that live in the palm tree out back is super fun.

3. Being Bellona's back up, or shall I say bark up? Maximus does a very poor job of guarding or barking. Humph. Men!

2. Mini man Beckett and his love of dispensing treats.

1. FFD is such a sucker that he lets me up on the sofa without making too much of a fuss. I think he has kind of missed me being part of the pack!

I'm on Pitter Patter

Check me out!

And a big shout out to Bellona for teaching me about the wonders of the larger than life water bowl.