Tuesday, June 1, 2010

The top 10 reasons I love my FFM house

10. We get to take nightly strolls with the little man.

9. FFM likes to jazz up our kibble with yummy stuff like Tripe, yogurt, and canned plain pumpkin

8. The ginormous water bowl in the back yard (but you already knew that).

7. Storytime with Becks every single night. Walter the Farting Dog is a personal fave.

6. The "circle of love"; i.e. the stupid human trick my FFM taught me many years ago. She squats down and holds her arms out in a circle and says "circle of love" and I put my head through her arms for some loving. Yes, she is a dork but I love her anyways.

5. Chasing toys up and down stairs keeps my shapely posterior in tip top shape.

4. Harrasing the squirrels that live in the palm tree out back is super fun.

3. Being Bellona's back up, or shall I say bark up? Maximus does a very poor job of guarding or barking. Humph. Men!

2. Mini man Beckett and his love of dispensing treats.

1. FFD is such a sucker that he lets me up on the sofa without making too much of a fuss. I think he has kind of missed me being part of the pack!


  1. That is awesome Princess; so nice to have another family to call your own who love you.
    Your mommy will be so happy.

  2. / dead from cuteness!! I can not post on the stupid nest but wanted to say I love FFM stories and pics and I bet mommie is loving these updates!!! Must find that book!!

    AKA Blondiegirl

  3. Go Princess...what a great top ten!!!

    Smileys & Snuggles!
    Dory, Jacob & Bilbo

  4. Those are great reasons to hang with the FFM!!! Glad you are having such a good time!!



  5. Yesh, there are many and many things for us to be happy about.

  6. those are 10 great reasons. Can we come for a visit too?