Monday, June 7, 2010

FFM signing off

Princess the wonder dog is now back at her grandparents. I thought I'd have to console Beckett because over the course of the past few days he's expressed the fact that he does not want her to go. Ugh. Break my heart.

Well, now it is he who is consoling me. It was so nice to have Princess in our home for such a long stay. In some ways, it felt like she had never left. P's mom knows it, but I *almost* didn't adopt Princess out after she found her way back to me for what, the 3rd time? I really struggled with the thought of letting her go. In reality, I could not ask for a better home for Princess. She has an entire extended family that would do anything for her. She certainly is not wanting for love! But still, it leaves my heart a little broken again. Damn I love that dog. I'm going to miss sneaking her up on the sofa with me to cuddle.

As Princess has been my one and only foster, my words don't carry as much weight as the countless other foster families out there. But if for one minute you thought you might be able to offer up your home and your heart to a foster dog, please do. For all the tears I have shed, I'd cry a million more if it meant that there were no more dogs dying in our shelters... especially pit bulls.


  1. Princess is so beautiful, and she seems so loving and eager to please. I can see how it could be difficult to let her go yet again. But at least you get to see her, and get the bonus of having a long-term visit! (And these pictures are just precious!)

  2. Princess is a sweetie. No wonder you miss her. Fostering must be very difficult. All that saying goodbye.


  3. So so Sweet-you have me in tears reading this and LOVE that 1st pic of Princess!!!! It is nice to know that she always has a loving FFM house to visit!!

  4. I love those photos. We've been considering fostering, but not sure how it would work in our tiny 2-bedroom condo since we already have our two big pitties. Reading this makes me want to find a way to make it work.

  5. I'm so sad for you!
    I still miss all our fosters terribly but I know they deserve their own family and try to be happy for them.

    Those pictures of Princess are just fantastic and the ones of her and Beckett should be plastered everywhere. Beckett and Princess should be the anti-BSL poster children. Those pictures are just preciousness.

    God bless you for helping her and helping her find her forever family; she is truly loved to pieces.

  6. Princess is lucky to have a FFM like you!!! Thank you for taking care of her and sharing her adventures with us while she was there!!



  7. We've fostered two dogs so far. But we haven't given either one back ever. So I guess we're not very good foster parents ...

  8. Thanks for sharing your amazing photography skills... and of course, you had a very fine subject to work with!!

  9. miss princess sure is a wonderful lady. i totally understand how you could get attached all over again! thanks for takin' such good care of her.
    the booker man

  10. I have to agree on the photos. They are fabulous. And what an endorsement for Princess! If the foster mom loves you to pieces..I'd say you're some kind of winner. I'm looking for some kids for rent, so Stella can get to know some. She still seems spooky-excited when kids are around. Enjoyed your posting too, btw.

  11. Pawtastic pictures! You can really see how much those two love each other. We hope to hear more about your new life Princess.


  12. Foster is the maximum expression of generosity. You were very nice with Princess. She was really lucky.
    Ciao Lucille