Monday, January 25, 2010

Why I've been missing...

So most of you know that my momma finally found me a real dad! But you don't know the full story...

They got married on January 2, 2010 at a beautiful wedding in Dallas, TX. Dad has been with mom almost as long as I have, they started dating just the month or two after she adopted me, so he's been around forever and I love him. I don't think mom would have married him if I didn't approve.

But since I give him lots and lots of kisses and love playing with him and he treats both of us like Princesses, she didn't have trouble saying yes when he proposed. (At Cinderella's castle in Disney World, if that's not Princess material I don't know what is!!)

Unfortunately, because they have lots of friends and family and they had a big wedding, mom was nervous about me participating too much. I was around all week, for the rehearsal gathering, for the bridal brunch at my house and even got to hang with my cousin Roscoe who came in town, but the church they got married in didn't let me come. So I was with them in spirit at the wedding and my Aunt (mom's sister and Maid of Honor) made sure to talk about me lots in her speach at the reception!!

Mom apologizes for not having her head on straight that week of festivities leading up the to wedding and for not taking pictures of me with all the people in and out of our house. But it slipped her mind and she's beating herself up over it more than you can I'm sure!

I'm happy to be part of a family now and that I could finally convince my dad he needed to stick around for good!! They're letting me share this picture from the wedding!
So what should my new nick name be for Dad?! In the past he was FLF (father like figure) and FTB (father to be)...any thoughts?!


  1. Oh, congratulations! So exciting! We're not really good with nicknames. The pooches call as "the guy" and "that one".

  2. Hi Princess,

    We understand your pawrents have been very busy lately. We wish you could have been included in the wedding though, that would have been real cool!

    As for what nick name to use. Well, you call your mom, Mom. So I guess your dad should be called Dad. BOL


  3. So excited to see a nice picture of your mom and new dad! We agree with Bijou, dad seems to fit him now!

    Hope you enjoy your bigger family!

    Slobbery kisses,
    Flash & Ollie

  4. Congratulations to your parents, Princess! And to you too, of course. I hope this means double the cookies. :)

  5. I am sure your opinion was a huge factor :) congrats

  6. Can't wait to see all the pictures!! more..more!!

  7. What a beautiful picture! Princess, your mom looks like a princess, so I guess you were there in spirit.

    I agree, "dad" seems to fit the bill! One day he'll be DOD (dear old dad), but he needs a few more years under his belt. :)

  8. No dogs allowed??? Shame on that church!! Now that you're one big happy family, I'm thinking Big Daddy would be a great name!

  9. How about DFR...Daddy Fur Real!

  10. He's gotta be DAD. We're so happy for you, Princess! What a beautiful Mom and Dad you have at that ceremony :). Maybe they'll let you sniff the pictures.

  11. That's awesome. I'm glad you finally posted the whole story. Congrats to all three of you!

  12. What a beautiful picture and such a happy time to get a new dad. I got one of those too but I had mom for four years before he showed up. I was part of the deal or there was no del mom said, but dad liked me so it all worked out.

    I am glad it all worked out for you too. Congratulations to your mom and "dad" I think that is really what you need to call him.

    P.s. we have a new blog so come and check it out.


  13. hello princess its dennis the vizsla dog hay i call my dada dada maybe yoo cud just call yore dada dada too!!! altho that mite git konfyoozing!!! ok bye

  14. So beautiful! Give your mommy lots of kisses for us!
    Call him "Dad" and "Daddy" when you want a cookie!
    So happy for all of you. Congratulations!!

  15. The picture is sooooo beautiful Princess, just sorry to hear you wasn't able to be there with them.
    We took a vote, and all say "Daddy" here!