Sunday, September 12, 2010

Fun on the Farm

Here are the pictures of our trip to the ranch/farm on Labor day weekend that I promised you. Mom was too busy (I say lazy) to help me out last week getting them up.

I'm going to let the pictures talk for themselves for the most part!

We're almost there!
Meeting the locals. Lot's of running and fetching!!The first mess that I got into...
Exploring the land, that's one big drinking bowl for the cows mom says!Practicing my skills!The second mess I got into, mom says it smelled way worse than it looked, I say it smelled amazing!Mom making me pose!Saying thanks to the locals for a great time!I'm pooped!! (And I don't mean the stuff I rolled all in!)
How was your labor day weekend?! Did you take advantage of the extra day?


  1. How the heck do you get that tennis ball to stay on your snooter? You are so talented.


  2. Hey Princess!

    It looks like you had a lot of fun. I got to roll in cow poo for labor day too! Isn't it a great holiday?

    Tail wags,

  3. How did you balance that ball? It sure looks like you had lots of smelly fun :)


  4. OMD! We loved your pics! Pawsome trick!
    You had so much fun ^^

  5. There's nothing more wonderful than a pooped out pitty!

  6. Love that tennis ball on the nose trick! Looks like you all had a great time.