Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Blogger forgot this part!!

Sorry this was supposed to be with the last picture...posted earlier tonight blogger forgot it!

So I'm sure you noticed the cone and I bet you know I wouldn't where it on my own accord. So I guess I'll spill the beans.

Apparently I got something stuck in my eye. I don't remember where and mom didn't see it but noticed my bloodshot eyes and how I kept one partially closed.

The vet had to flush it out but said I had an ulcer developing under the object. So that means pills, eye drops, cream, and the cone. It's not so bad, mom says I act like nothing is wrong but we can't take chances with me accidentally hitting the eye or scratching it.

I seem to get lots of extra treats, butt skitches and oos and ahs so I think I'll keep the cone on for now. Hope you are all doing well.


  1. Better safe than sorry!


  2. Doesn't sound too horrible, but eye drops and goo can be kind of tiresome after a while. Get better.


  3. you're beautiful with your cone!!! my parent's dog had to wear one for a while so we decorated it with permanent markers :)

  4. Poor Princess!! We do hope you feel better soon! That cone can't be any fun!!



  5. At least you didn't have to go get "tutored" or "sprayed." Hope it gets better soon!