Friday, March 2, 2012

Long over due

Hi friends, it's been a while since I've been around. If you've been stopping by I apologize for the lack of posts! Things are all good with me, but mom's been busy with work and travel so she hasn't been helping me post.

My pawrents tell me we're in the middle of a big adventure calling buying a new home. I don't really know what that means because most things are still the same. I've gotten a lot of random walks in the middle of the day for things called 'showings' at our current home.

Supposedly we're waiting on final word about the buyers financing and then they'll start packing. Some silly mortgage rules these days have made the buyer switch lenders once already and they don't want to pack too early.

We don't have a house to move to yet, because of the uncertainties of our condo selling. I hear we're going to have a big sleepover at Grandma's and Grandpa's! How fun!! Four of my favorite people in one house to play, walk, run, and love on me!

Then mom and dad are going to work really hard to find a bigger home for us and a yard for me!


  1. You look beautiful, Princess! I am so excited for you and your humans...your journey will be a fun one :).

  2. Good luck finding a place to live, hope you get an awesome backyard!

  3. Hi Princess!!

    You look as beautiful as ever!!

    Your pal, HoneyBuzz

  4. Hi, Princess! Gorgeous as usual! So wonderful to hear from you. All the best with house hunting. It can be fun and mind boggling at the same time. But the sleepover at your grandparents should be a blast! Keep us posted!

  5. Hi princess so nice to hear from u! Sounds like lots of good things r going on for u and your family

  6. Princess that will be so much fun! We got our own house and yard a few years back and it is Doggeriffic! Good luck with all of it I know it can really stress out the humans. Our mom finally started blogging for us again too so look out for some new posts!

    Boxen and Bella