Wednesday, January 7, 2009

New Year, New Blog

Hi everyone, my name is Princess and I'm a pit bull. No not that kind, I'm the sweet cuddly, spoiled rotten kind and I love it! My mom told me it's a new year and with that starts new things, so I thought I'd take a shot at starting my own blog. My mom reads me other ones about the Vicktory Dogs and their great new lives. So I thought I'd try writing one about all my adventures.

First things first, a couple resolutions that my mom told me I had to make for 2009:

1. Get out on more runs and help my mom train for races. (not hard for me, but hard to get my mom going sometimes, she thought if I joined her it might help her keep going)

2. Learn to close the door behind myself. (I don't really care, but my mom wishes I would)

3. Get my FLF (father-like-figure) to take me to his awesome ranch more than twice in 2009.

4. Learn to swim in that fun lake I was too scared to try last year.

5. Make some new friends!!

I hope those are some good things and ones that I can keep up with. I look forward to share how each of those go this year.


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