Tuesday, May 26, 2009


I'm still recovering from the long weekend. Mom was out of town so I got to stay with my grandparents.

I started the long weekend with going to work with grandma and meeting all her nice coworkers!

I also got to run around their big backyard a lot which I love! Grandpa took me on a couple long runs as he's a really good runner. Mom says he has almost as much stamina as me, but I'm not sure what that means...

To top it off grandma made me dog food omelets every night for dinner! Yum my favorite!!

So I think I'll just lay in this chair a little longer so I can recover.


  1. Dog food omelets? What's in those? I can't cook very well, but the dogs don't run away from my food TOO often...

  2. Princess's Mom stepping in to provide the answer...

    Dog food omelets are a meal my mom made up when our old family dog was too sick or unwilling to eat regular dog food. She simply makes two eggs (sometimes omelet style, sometimes just scrambled) and adds a smaller portion of Princess's regular dry food to the dish. Nothing too fancy, but if Princess is really lucky she'll get turkey or other meat added to this dish. It's a nice little treat that's quick to make. We've never seen a dog that can handle cooked eggs turn it down!

  3. Hi! Full weekend for you!
    You deserve your nap!
    Rufus and Indie

  4. I made words about you on my bloggie.

    Do you live in Dallas? The girl is gonna spend some weeks there without me to see her Daddy and she would love to go to the dogpark with you. (don't worry, she will bring biscuits n treats)

  5. Dog omlets sound good.... Sugar would LOVE that!

    xo martine & sugar

  6. We know how you feel - we went to our house in the country over the weekend and we are exhausted - check out of sleepy doggie pics on our bloggie

    Woodrow Sweetie MJ