Friday, January 21, 2011

A little extreme right?!

Mom and former foster mom think it would be funny to dress me up like this poor pup for winter weather!! Don't they know we live in Texas?!?! Crazy ladies!

What do you wear for winter wear? Or is your 'coat' enough?

ETA: P.S. this isn't me, just another good looking pittie that could be my sister!! Mom hasn't gone this extreme but she'll do a post soon of all my winter fashion. Thanks for your comments!


  1. Seeing how its been in the 80s here we don't need any extra layers


  2. Oh-oh!
    I wear t-shirts and sweater all the winter!
    Here is not very cold but I guess my furcoat is not enough!
    Kisses and hugs

  3. Wellllll... You do look silly, but since they love you so much and want to protect you AND we know your beautiful self is underneath all of that, we still love you and think it's A-OK!

  4. Where can I get a fancy outfit like that? Sadly, my little pit will only barely tolerate a sweater and some Musher's Secret on her paws. Of course then she goes outside and shivers while giving me sad eyes, so I'm hoping to win her over in the end. Anyway, I'm a recent follower of your lovely blog, so I thought I'd say a big hello from my misfits to yours!

  5. Ha! Too funny. Those booties kill me. When I take Stella out in the ruffle rump coat people make fun of her but I don't care, I only make her wear it if it's below twenty degrees, then she doesn't seem to mind at all. Princess doesn't seem to mind it either!

  6. this is too, too cute! i LOVE it! and i love that princess is such a fashionista! (my bianca is too!)