Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Please Sign

We'd love it if you could sign this petition. I know most of you are bully owners or at least bully lovers, otherwise you wouldn't visit my blog.

We could use a few extra signatures and I'm sure you'll recognize one of the models in the pictures on the petition.


Thanks for all your help in helping to change the perception of Pit Bulls, bullys and dogs in general with children. We need to let people know that their child and dog can co-exist if the child is taught respect for the animals in their home whether it is a Yorkie or a pit bull.


  1. Oh, that's just terrible, Priness. What a horrible thing for them to say! I had mom go over and sign it right away.

    Wiggles & Wags,

  2. "We need to let people know that their child and [pit bulls] can co-exist"

    Are you insane? Why take the risk with your children? Get a breed of dog that doesn't eat kids.

  3. Signed! I've never seen any dog more gentle with kids that pit bulls. We have one too. :)


  4. This is terrible. I have signed the petition. I have three pit bulls and they are very wonderful with my young granddaughters.

    Susie - George, Blanca & Sable's Mom

  5. Signed. I know they were trying to be funny, but it's just offensive.

  6. Dear Princess,

    I had my mommy (I borrowed her blog account to tell you this) run right over and sign it. I am not a pittie myself, but one of my bff's is a pittie/husky mix, and she's the best!

    Lots of Belly Rubs,

  7. Dear Gary Cruse,

    You are obviously an ignoramus. Do you troll blogs to p!ss all over them? If you bothered to oh, I don't know, crawl out from under a rock to educate yourself you might have something to bring to this conversation. I've got plenty of scientific facts and data to back up the fact that there is no breed worth targeting as being "baby eaters".

    You don't feck with Princess. She has an army behind her of wickedly smart and fabulous pittie lovers, owners, and supporters.

    - PittieBoo aka Princess' FFM

  8. i signed the petition.
    what a misinformed and stupid thing for the bump to say. pitties make great family pets. any dog, no matter what breed, can become aggressive at the hands of an irresponsible owner.

    the booker man and asa's mama

  9. Dearest Princess,

    I'll never understand why people judge you.. You of soft furs and sweet disposition. You of silly games and well behavior. You of pink feathers and matching tiaras. You of fluffy beds and long snoozes. You of love and loyalty.

    Everyone should be so lucky as to know a dog like you. *We* are all so lucky to know a dog like you.

    Keep your head up and eye on the tennis ball, and don't let anyone ever get you down!

    (One of your Auntie Pesties)

    P.S. I signed the petition this morning for all the special pibbles just like you!

  10. Dear Princess,

    I don't EVER want to eat babies! I love to kiss them, cuddle them, get pets from them, and wait for them to drop pieces of yummy food. Sometimes I crave certain parts of a bull's anatomy, though. I bet Gary is SUPER tasty, since he seems to act a lot like that piece of anatomical deliciousness. Maybe we should taste him?

    Your friend,

    P.S. Nah, I changed my mind. He doesn't deserve our kisses! They're especially for babies and nice people!

  11. Hi Princess friend,

    Long time no talkie. I wanted to let you know that mommy and I signed the petition. While I am not a pibble, it makes me so sad that so many people think bad about so many of my friends that are. I play with pittie friends all of the time and the worse I ever got from them is wet from all of the kisses.
    Actually, I have bitten twice: once by a lab and once by a Boston terrier. Oh and I get bullied by one mean Portugese Water Dog named Remy, but my pittie friends are always the best.
    Keep being awesome Princess because I love you and I know my mommy does too. Big kisses!
    Your friend,
    Douglas the Vizsla

  12. Mr. Cruse,
    Please explain to me why each and every single one of the Little Rascals weren't devoured. According to you, they should have mauled to death, since they hung out with a pittie all day. Obviously, they made it out of the TV show without being eaten.

    I would recommend pulling your head out of your ass and started educating yourself.
    I will even help you get started:

    Peace Out.

  13. Princess please don't mind that rude azzhat Mr. Cruze! While I may only be a boxer and my sissy a little mutt from the shelter we will always support you and all the Pibbles out there cause mom wants us to have a big brother some day!! Mom signed the petition as soon as she saw it on her FB page!! Keep being the awesome Princess we all love!

    Lots of Love and Support,
    Maddie, Mollie and another Pestie Friend Marie <3

  14. Signed and shared on Facebook! I'll also share it on our shelter's Facebook page. Thanks for telling us about it, Princess!

  15. A note to Mr. Cruse:

    Pit Bulls don't "eat kids." Parents who leave their children unattended with dogs - any dogs - run the risk of putting those poor children in harm's way.

    Education, Mr. Cruse, is the key. Go read something that's been well-researched, not thrown together in sound bite fashion and put on the internet without facts to back it up.