Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Sick over Vick

Mom told me she heard that Vick is getting released coming up in May, said I should keep an eye out over my shoulder just in case. We're kinda sick of hearing about him and wish he'd just go away, but we'll have to wait and see. He's supposedly hoping to play again. This cartoon shows our feelings...

It'd be nice if the dogs he had could have just played and been dogs too. Thankfully some of them have had that second chance since being saved. Visit Vick Dog Blog when you have a chance. But countless others suffered cruelly at his and his cohorts hands.

It's interesting/disheartening that there was all the press and he got a deserved punishment, but now that it's almost over, because he's "powerful" and rich he might have a chance to act like nothing bad ever happened. I can only hope no team is stupid enough to sign him and that he'll keep learning his lesson. As a football fan, I couldn't watch any game that he might be involved in the future.


  1. I'd lose all respect for the NFL if he got back in, if anytime actually took him back. You wouldn't take back someone who had done this to people. It's awful.