Monday, April 13, 2009

Pit Bulls Are Warm

Mom was a little miffed at me this morning. She sayz I took up too much room on the bed last night and that she didn't get much restful sleep. But what she doesn't realize is that I was trying to keep her warm. A cold front came through last night and I decided to stay up on the bed all night to keep her warm. I was just cuddling up with her out of the kindness of my heart.


  1. My Girl says when I get to close in the bed that my pointy elbows and knees make her have bruises and bumps. I just try to keep her warm too... and sometimes hide from thunderstorms.

  2. My mom complains when I cuddle up close on her side of the bed. She says she's not a pretzle! Whatever a pretzle is (eyeroll). It is our job to keep our people comfortable and safe. Good job for doing your job!
    Richmond, VA