Tuesday, February 2, 2010


I think I'm going to lose my mom tonight to that silly box with people and sometimes animals in it...she and daddy really like that show LOST.

Maybe if I can somehow hide myself in the show she'll pay some attention to me...what do you think? Do I fit it?
Just incase you can't spot me because of my special fancy coat...here's another picture...
Do you lose your parents to the silly box sometimes?!


  1. Good thing you circled yourself - I never would have found you, Princess! :)

  2. you fit right in. My pups loose me to books! BC has started sitting in front of them

  3. Yes Princess, I lose my momma and daddy to the talking box with people (and sometimes dogs) in it. I'm fine with it as it makes them sit still so I can snuggle.

  4. I didn't see you at all princess! I sometimes lose my dad to the box but I lose my mom to her craft room. I have to lay my head on her foot so that she can't move without me knowing. You should try that it gets lots of attentions!

    Love from Bella

    p.s. come and check out our new blog, we have to share it with mom now...gross!

  5. Our mommee and daddee wiked to watch'ed the show Pit Boss with Shorty. Shorty yells a lot but mommee sais he funnee and help'ed woggies like I was.

    Dey also watch'ed the Pit Bulls and Parolees. Whew! So gwad mai mommee and daddee found'ed me! I could not stand to haft to wived wiff so many pibbles!
    I wiked my couchy all to my selfy!

    Haleigh Anne

  6. yes our humans are forever lost to the telly munster
    we have to look extra cute to gets attention then
    you should have no problem with that though
    wiggles and pibble sugar
    the houston pittie pack

  7. I dropped out a couple of years ago, but this has been a huge topic of discussion today!

  8. I think you fit in great! I lose my parents to the box sometimes, but I love it because it means I get to cuddle in Mom's lap. You should act extra pittieful and maybe you'll get a bully stick or kong while they ignore you :)

  9. Hi Princess friend! I lost my mommy to the Twilight series. I like your idea for attention. Maybe I should turn into a vampire or werewolf.

  10. My mama completely ignored me last Tuesday during LOST too! I think you would look much better on the island than that dog Vincent!