Wednesday, February 10, 2010


I went to the V-E-T at the end of the week last week (and mom is just not helping me post about it...), don't worry I love the V-E-T.

I just love meeting people in general and there are lots of nice people at the V-E-T. Here I am sitting somewhat nicely to get weighed.
And here I am talking really loudly to anyone who will listen. All the interesting smells make me really excited so I talk a lot. Then all the vet techs and other nice ladies come in a say hi, then I give them butt wiggles and lots of kisses.
Only part I don't like about the V-E-T is when they try to clip my nails. I'm not a fan of that at all!!


  1. Hi Princess,

    I hope you had a good checkup at the vet. Did they give you a good treat?


  2. Hi Princess friend! I am sorry to hear that the vet clipped your nails. It could be worse though. Your new daddy could be the one doing the clipping like my dad does.

  3. Miss M. thinks the Vet is the best because tons of people pet her and she gets lots of treats and she doesn't even need to "wait" or perform for them.

  4. We love the VET too princess. She gives us lots of lovin and treats. I'm glad your mama is helping you stay healthy. We are actually going to the VET Friday.

  5. We are glad you like to go to the vet!

    xo martine & the kiddlets

  6. Sorry about the nail thing...Other than that I usually like the people at the vet too!!


  7. you're a brave lady, miss princess. i am not a fan of that scale thingie. my mama tries to get me to sit still like you did, but i hate how the scale wiggles. plus, it's cold on my hiney!!
    the booker man

  8. Marge is NOT a fan of the vet.. or getting her nails done either, for that matter! What a good girl you are, Princess!

  9. What a good girl you are!
    My babies hate going to the V-E-T. Unless their favorite tech is there and then they get excited.

  10. My daughter is a Vet Tech and her pitty loves a chance to go to work with her! Unfortunately she doesn't see a lot of great people like you throughout her day, instead she see's animals who are abused (but it can't be proven) or pets that owners demand to be put to sleep because they just don't want them anymore etc...anyway, Princess is a sweetie!!

  11. Hi Princess! Sorry I'm so behind with visiting - have just been catching up with your posts - love that photo of you running with the stick in your mouth!

    You were a very good girl at the vet's. The part I hate the most is when they stick the horrible themometor in my bum!! :-)

    Honey the Great Dane