Thursday, February 11, 2010

Offical Texas Snow Inspector

Hi from the Official Texas Snow Inspector!! I'm here to inspect this new white stuff on the ground...smells good...

nom...nom...nom..Taste good!!

I think I'll let it stay around for a day or so...


  1. Hi Princess friend! I see you also got some of the white stuff. You are lucky that there is only a little bit in Texas. Here we have about 3/4 a Doug of snow.

  2. Nice white stuff, huh Princess? You and Charlie would have fun woofing about in this mess!

  3. Princess you look so pretty in your pink jacket.
    You are truly a little Snow Princess this winter ;)

  4. Snow in Texas! This gives you a great reason to wear your pretty pink coat all the time now.

  5. Princess can you believe the snow luck? We have almost eight inches of snow in Dallas. Mom had to go to work in it, she was not happy. Hopefully she will get some pictures tonight to post to our bloggie.

    I love your pink coat!

    snuggles from
    Boxen and Bella

  6. Oh goody every buddy is getting snow! Yay!


  7. Wow Princess...we didn't get any snow in Austin...can you send just a little bit down here???


  8. ummm . . i thinks we lives in the wrong side of texas cause we gets no shnow
    please to enjoy it for ush
    pibble sugars
    the houston pittie pack

  9. miss princess, that looks like fun!! i sure hope that snow comes to south carolina like the weatherman is saying.

  10. Snow in Teksus?!?! Thats ridikulus! We did not git enny snow thank goodnes cause I does not like it no way! It is COLD! I hopes you is stayin warm Princess!!

    Yer pal Dozer

  11. That sounds like an important job. Hey where did you get that great pink coat! I wonder if they have my size!

  12. I love the coat. I know pitties have a hard time finding the right fit, did you have it made? I made my Granddog (a handsome brindle pitty) a coat but he hates it.