Monday, February 16, 2009

Happy Belated Valentine's Day!!

Happy Belated Valentine's everyone!! I wanted to post on the actual day, but I was so busy getting lots of love!

Here's how my day went: I woke up to find my mom chipper and happy for a walk immediately in the morning, I was so excited!! We went for a nice long hour walk where I got to explore more than usual (I'm usually on heel most of the time) which was so fun! Then I got a car ride to my grandparents and my Grandpa took me for a fun run!! I couldn't believe I was so lucky. Of course I got tons of treats from the Treat Lady or Grandma as she's also known. Then later that night I got another hour long walk and a chance to play in the tennis courts and run my heart out! I was so happily tired from all the days activities that I just had to give up and rest a little. My grandpa must have thought I was crazy, as I usually never quit first when it comes to fetch.

The next day I got a dog food omelet for breakfast and my mom picked me back up and asked me if I had a good Valetine's Day. It all finally made sense that I got to do all my favorite things (walk, explore, car rides, run, play fetch, get treats); that was my Valentine's treat since I can't have chocolate!! I was so happy I slept happily on the couch with my mom the rest of the afternoon and evening.

So to return the favor I want to say thank you and I love you to all the people out there who have loved me or shown me love and kindness in my four years (you know who you are). I couldn't be happier to meet and love on all of you, so thanks for spending some time getting to know me! This is my Valentine to you!!

P.S. The picture is an oldie, but a goodie and I thought it was only appropriate for V-day!!

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