Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Best Cuz

So family is my life and I couldn't be happier with the one that found me in this world, from my foster mom, to my mom, my FLF, my Grandparents, and so on...especially my best cousin.

His name is Roscoe and he's a rescue like me which made us have an instant bond when we first met. He's really pretty cool and a ton of fun to play with. This Christmas we got to go on what my mom called a ski trip, but I don't think R and I ever got to do any skiing. We did get to play in this stuff my mom called snow, which is this awesome fluffy white stuff that you can stick your face in and lick like water. I'll put some pictures of that up later.

But anyway, like I said R is cool because he lets me share his things (well most things), on this trip I got to borrow his antler and bone, he also let me borrow his bed which was like mine at home, but mine is prettier because there is pink on it. We enjoyed playing in the snow together, playing tug sometimes, and he liked to chase me when I was playing fetch; he actually started learning what that was all about too. So family, especially cousin's can be pretty cool. If you have a chance I suggest you get a cousin to play with.
Thanks R Buddy!!

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  1. P, R wants me to tell you that he misses playing with you. he hopes y'all get to see the snow again!