Tuesday, February 17, 2009


I got some visitors yesterday evening!! It was my FM (foster mom) and her little person they called Beckett. He was so awesome because he was the perfect height to lay my kisses right on his face without even having to jump. Oh and he loved throwing yellow balls for me too, he never got tired of it just like me. I hope he comes around more often!!

Beckett and FM also brought me some great gifts! I got a cool new collar tag that is silent when it's on...no more jingling around!! You just don't know how frustrating it is to be making jinglies when you're trying to sneak around the kitchen to find crumbs only to be caught because of the noise my tags make! They also brought me a new toy, a 'Big Mean Kitty' which I'm working my hardest at getting the stuffing out.

Mom said they also brought her a really cool calendar from Bad Rap that she's been wanting to get for herself. She says it's full of cute pictures of other rescue pibbles. But I just don't get why she wants to look at other so-called-cute pibbles when I'm sitting right in front of her...humans never cease to amaze me.

Thanks FM and Beckett!! Come back soon!!

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  1. Becks can't stop talking about throwing balls for Princess. He lurves her so. Can't wait to come back over and next time I'll be my usual perky self aka not hopped up on cold meds. Smooches to the best pittie mom on the planet and my fave pittie girl.