Monday, October 26, 2009

Rain, Rain, Go Away

Please don't come any more days...

I want to play ball!! But mom says it's too wet, rainy, and muddy. I miss playing ball.


  1. oh no! I think it is coming this way..its gonna hamper us getting the boys a new!

  2. Aw, poor girl!

    It seems everyone is getting icky weather.. what's up with that?!

    (BTW, didn't know you have bi-eyes.. how pretty!)

  3. I do have one blue eye and one brown can't always see it, but my brown eye has a little blue at the very top.

  4. Rainy days are no good! Today it has been chilly and threatening to rain so Lola and I don't want to go outside much. I hope the rain goes away quick so you can play!
    Hugs and Tail Wags,

  5. Awww Princess... we identify, rainy days really do stink!

    It rained all day on Saturday, but our mom made up for it by cuddling with us inside! We know how to make sure we get attention no matter what! hehehe

    Hope it dries up soon.

    Nellie & Calvert

  6. Aww poor Princess. Hopefully you'll get to play soon!

  7. I agree. The rain makes me blink a lot.

  8. Oh Princess I just love your eyes, they are beautiful!!!!
    I wouldn't like all that rain either. Mommy makes us stop and get our paws wiped off before we can come in. With 24 paws, it takes her forever to do the job.

  9. Hi Princess - it's raining here too so I can understand your frustrations! :-)

  10. hello princess its dennis the vizsla dog hay come visit us!!! it like never rains heer!!! wel it raind wun day last week but that wuz the first time in almost a yeer!!! ok bye

  11. Rain? I don't even think I know what that is. Its hardly rained a day since I came to Sandy Eggo. Could you send sum of dat my way?

    wags, wiggles & slobbers

  12. Hey there purty Princess-

    It iz raining lots ware I live too. Today I got in sum trubble with Mummy cause I squeezed past her and runned up the stairs with muddy feets. It's a good thang that Mummy jest can't stay angry with me.

    Yer pal,

  13. It must be raining everywhere cuz it's raining here, too. Do you think the sky will ever run out of the stuff so the sun will come out again. Momma says that by the time she gets outside to "do" the yard our "doo" is gonna be mush☺

  14. Sorry about the rain Princess. I hope the sun comes to visit you soon!


  15. Hi Princess Friend,
    My very first comment ever. I need to think of something whitty or interesting to say. I think you are pretty. I do have a question for you. Did you loose a contact cause your one eye is different color than the other one? Oh yeah, and your rain came here to Philadelphia too. Its done now though. I hope its done where you live!

  16. Princess!! It is rayning too much here too! And Mummy sez it is gonna rayne more tomorrow! Oohh why wont it stop?? The grass is sooo green and I want to run and play in it!

    Yer pal Dozer