Wednesday, June 3, 2009


Hi y'all, it's P's mom kidnapping her blog for a brief post.

I don't plan on doing things like this often, but Susan's blog with her dog, Stella, caught my eye a month or so ago. Her photography and stories have kept me hooked ever since.

Susan is a professional photojournalist, in Tennessee and she adopted a her pit mix from one of the many carnivals/fairs she captures in her work. Stella is a beautiful dog with a bright future but has had a few speed bumps in her first year. Stella had some issues with her patella and then her second patella.

I've never met Susan or Stella (other than through her words & pictures) and she doesn't know I'm posting this, but if you have a chance visit Carny Dog and her fundraising site. She has her second surgery today and has 5 days left to raise funds. Help if you can, because every little bit helps.

As a dog mom, I can imagine some of the feelings Susan's gone through in this process, but if my little contribution helps I'm happy to!

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  1. Dear Princess, Please tell your mom: thanks so much for posting these links. We managed to raise enough to foot the bill for one of Stella's surgeries and that alone saved her from a life of chronic pain and myself from a devastating financial situation. It came down to my choosing one or the other and of course - I held my ground and chose the dog. We wish you both an endless supply of peanut butter milk bone sandwiches and look forward to news about what's going on in the royal family. All best, S