Friday, June 12, 2009


I'm famous!! Foster Mom submited a picture to PITTER PATTER from when I stayed with her. And look...I'm famous!!

All my other pittie friends need to submit fun pictures of yourself and you can be up there too. They do a new one each day and they always make me laugh at my fellow pibbles!! Here's how: Please submit your cute pit bull pictures, kids drawings, cartoons, funny poems and short video clips to:

Be sure that you own the content or have express permission to submit it. Please submit uncropped, original photos. You may suggest captions for your pics or let our in house pit bulls have a go at it. All content should be Rated "G" and not display any abuse or mistreatment of animals. Once submitted to Pitter Patter, photographers/dog owners acknowledge and accept PBRC's right to use submitted photos on Pitter Patter or any of PBRC's affiliate web sites. Photographers/dog owners acknowledge and accept no monetary reimbursement for use of said photos. Content may be edited. Due to content, clarity, and/or volume of submissions, not all content may be used.


  1. This is awesome!!! Way to go!! you look so pretty in your boa!!

    xo sugar & martine

    have a great weekend!