Friday, June 19, 2009

Summer, Summer, Summertime

Time to Sit Back and Unwind...

Summer is officially two days away so I though it was time to pull out some pictures of me on my lake vacation last year and maybe this will get mom on the ball to take me back soon.

This was my first trip on a boat and I loved it!!

Hey Captain lets head out to I mean lake...
Ahh...sun in my face, breeze through my ears and a spray in the air...
Oh! Was that a Salmon Run?! Mmm...
I'll just relax here while ya'll are in the water...ahh! this is the life...
Hey wait...don't tell me we're already turning this boat around...I don't want to go back to shore..
So that was part of my summer last year. Mom says she bought a life jacket for me this year to be safer and I'm going to try swimming too. I hope I like it.

Mom says the 4th picture of me sitting on the boat bench is one of her favorites and wants me to use it in Rufus and Indie's Summer Photo contest.


  1. WOW!!! What a cool vacation! Thanks for sharing the photos!!!

    My mom wont take me out on a boat.... not after Bailey decided to jump overboard and got her collar or something caught and was hooked to the side of the boat. It was very scary. Looks like you were a good girl and didn't try to be a daredevel like little bailey!

    I'll stick to the kiddie pool mom says she is going to get for me!

    xo sugar

  2. Aww, gotta love that Pit Bull smile!

  3. wow i agree with Sugar what a wondeful vacation - we have a boat too - it is always alot of fun and sometimes we dont even leave the dock!!

    happy summertime

    woodrow sweetie mj

  4. Hi Princess! Is a pawsome photo!
    Thank you for playing with us!

  5. Hi Princess,

    Thanks for visiting my blog! I always love to make new friends! :-) I think you are the prettiest pit bull - I love your header picture - you look like you're doing a dancing bow!

    Wow - I've never been on a boat - it looks like great fun!

    Honey the Great Dane

  6. That looks like a cool vacation. I like summertime, too. But I still do not understand what you dogs find so attractive about water. I mean, its good for drinking and all, but I've had some bad experiences with it. Anyway, enjoy your summer!

  7. Hey Princess I have a life jaket you can have! I doesnt reely like to swim. Mummy sez I am a sissy pants. That is ridiculus. I dont ware pants!!

    Yer pal Dozer

  8. Hi Princess! We are so glad that you found our blog! We have some really cool Pit Bull friends on a Boxer forum we belong to. We might have to get together sometime. We have a boat too but we have not gone out on it in a long time. We have our own life jackets too. Bella has to wear hers in the pool because she spend so much time swimming with our parents.

    We will be stopping by to see you often!
    Boxen n Bella

  9. Princess, those are very nice pictures. Youlook likeyou are having lots of fun on that boat! Mom bought a pretty pink bowl in the shape of a heart with the words Pricess on it and gave it to the kitty!

  10. Hi Princess,

    Thanks for visiting my blog. I hope we can keep in touch and be furiends. I have never been on a boat. It looks like fun.

    Wags & wiggles,