Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Treat Time

Mom picked me up yesterday evening after work at my foster mom's(FM) house and I was SOOO excited to see her. (she has a scratch on her arm from when I jumped on her to prove it)

I had so much fun there getting spoiled, playing with fun people since she has a little boy and other house guests this weekend. Mom and FM were a little nervous to just let me start playing with the other two dogs that live there since we hadn't played in over two years. So we were seperated most of the weekend.

But last night I got a walk with mom, FM, Beckett, and Bellona. Bellona and I were on our best behavior to prove to them that we could be nice and play nice. So when we got back to the house we got to spend time together, but since it was so hot out we were pooped and just layed around...that is until it was treat time....
More picture of the weekend to come...


  1. look how sad your friend is that you are leaving!!!!!!

  2. Yes she does look sad that you are leaving - happy the weekend went smoothly - and happy you are home
    woodrow sweetie mj

  3. We miss her already, Beckett especially!

  4. Aww, Its nice to get playtime in a new (old) place...

  5. Love this picture, you two sure are cute!

  6. You both look very attentive waiting for your treats!