Monday, March 30, 2009

Houstonians are Nice!!

I had a great time in Houston this weekend visiting with my family and cousin Roscoe. I also got to meet a lot of great new people!! My uncle G had a birthday party where all his friends came by, visited and ate something called crawfish.

I think R and I agree that our favorite new person was a little one called Ella. She was so great, she happened to be the right height for both of us to easily love on her without getting in trouble for jumping up to give kisses. She was also really generous with all her treats that her big people brought for her. She shared them all with R and I and was really nice about petting us too. We made sure we were really gentle with the new little person so that should would like us. Thanks Ella!

Those little crawfish things were pretty cool too, it was like nothing I'd seen before. Lots of people crowded around a big long table peeling apart tiny lobsters and eating. I just stood there and stared at all the people and all the crawfish.

All in all it was a great trip with some fun new experiences and of course play time with Roscoe. We ran all over the place and I'm still recovering today with lots and lots of naps. I hope he comes up to visit me at my house sometime soon. Easter would be a great opportunity for that R if your reading this.

Vote Pit Bull!!

Oh no! Mom is at it again...she's submitted me for a photo contest with a silly picture. Its one of the peanut butter ones you've seen before but now tons of new people are seeing it.

If you feel so inclined, I guess you can go vote for me...all you have to do is email in my number in the subject line to I'm #93 and you have until Midnight tonight.

I have to go hide from embarrassment now, but I'll be back to share more about my weekend later.

Friday, March 27, 2009

Travelin' Dog

Oh, I'm a travelin' pittie
Yes, I'm a travelin' pittie

I totally forgot that today is the day I get a long car ride, that is until my mom told me before she left for work that she'd be home early and we'd get that car ride she told me about yesterday!! SO EXCITED!! I think she'll be home soon and then I'll be a travelin' dog again!

More later, maybe from Houston next time...

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Ready or Not Here I Come!!

Yea!! My mom just told me this morning that we're going on a car ride to go see my cousin Roscoe this weekend. Something about a crawfish boil and I get to play with him outside a lot. I was so excited when she told me I get to see Roscoe that I jumped up and started looking for him around the house. I should have known better, becuase he's never even been to my house!!

So get ready R-buddy, I'm packing up tonight so I can head your way!!

P.S. I'll make sure my mom takes lots of new pictures.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Teary, Sad, Happy Moment of the Day

Mom wanted to hijack my blog so she could post a link to a touching poem on PBRC...enjoy!

PBRC Blog Poem

Monday, March 16, 2009


Anyone want to play ball? I can play fetch for hours if you play with me!!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Stormy Weather

I don't like storms very much.

Mom thinks its funny that a 'tough pit bull' like me is frightened of thunder and lightening. She thinks it's bad enough I don't want to walk on wet grass, but my pacing the condo and hiding like this when stormy weather is here makes her laugh. She just doesn't understand how scary it is, besides I'm guaranteed a place on her bed when there's a storm.

Friday, March 6, 2009

Lesson Learned

A few days ago my mom took me for a walk/run to visit her Ant and drop off a package. She said she lived around the block and we shouldn't be lazy and take the car, but I would have loved either!!

When we arrived at our destination, we had already been over a mile, but upon entering her house I immediately smelled a doggy. Mom asked if it was ok for me to be off leash and explore and then after getting permission she let me go. I had fun going around searching for whoever I might find. (Later mom told me the dog who lived there was no longer there, and something about being in a better place where he had no more pain.)

During all this I heard mom telling the people that she wish she hadn't taken the route we had, because she felt like she was getting certain looks about who I was, but I didn't notice, I was just happy to be on a walk and was working on my heel!! After I was finished exploring I was excited to go say hi to the Ant (she looked like a lady to me) and then meet the new person. I was about a foot away from her and wagging my tail happily when she suddenly yelled "Get it away from me!"

Mom immediately asked me to come sit by her and I happy to obey. I wasn't sure what I had done wrong, but didn't like that I had made someone I didn't even know yell. It was saddening, so I patiently waited until mom was ready to finish our walk, I didn't want to be there anymore.

On our way home mom started talking to me about what happened, we weren't sure if maybe the lady didn't like dogs or if it was just me. But I think mom was really sad and upset, she said she's never had anyone directly act like that toward her and me. Mom was frustrated, because she had just been telling Ant and lady that she didn't like the looks she sometimes got, but dealt with it with a smile and a big Hi to people and by showing them how good I was.

Mom later learned from Ant that the other lady was indeed terrified of Pit Bulls and "dogs of that nature." It totally bummed her out as the lady didn't even try to truly meet me.

Mom said it's a lesson learned that not everyone's mind can be changed and it's something we'll have to continue to fight. She was thankful that she hadn't ever encountered that before in the two years we've been together, but that it probably won't be the only time. I guess I've learned that not everyone we visit or that I meet is put on earth to play with me, but that's ok I have a mom and friends who I know love me.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Sick over Vick

Mom told me she heard that Vick is getting released coming up in May, said I should keep an eye out over my shoulder just in case. We're kinda sick of hearing about him and wish he'd just go away, but we'll have to wait and see. He's supposedly hoping to play again. This cartoon shows our feelings...

It'd be nice if the dogs he had could have just played and been dogs too. Thankfully some of them have had that second chance since being saved. Visit Vick Dog Blog when you have a chance. But countless others suffered cruelly at his and his cohorts hands.

It's interesting/disheartening that there was all the press and he got a deserved punishment, but now that it's almost over, because he's "powerful" and rich he might have a chance to act like nothing bad ever happened. I can only hope no team is stupid enough to sign him and that he'll keep learning his lesson. As a football fan, I couldn't watch any game that he might be involved in the future.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Winter Fun

Since winter is almost over here in TX (it was 85 one day last week!!), I thought I'd share a video from our ski trip.

I just loved that white fluffy stuff!